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Great experience setting up a trust account. Thank you!
Russ and Stacey Avatar
Russ and Stacey
Easy Fast in and out. Super friendly
Andrew Allen Avatar
Andrew Allen
Great service that's quick! Mary Cate was incredibly nice!
Noah Sy Avatar
Noah Sy
Very excellent and helpful. I highly recommend these folks if you're looking for a new bank.
Pioneer Homesteaders Avatar
Pioneer Homesteaders
I was in town yesterday, a Wednesday when half of the town is shut down, and I needed a document notarized. My first call was to First Freedom Bank and they said no problem… come on in and we’ll notarize your paperwork. That was absolutely the truth…. The entire staff, especially Sara who persoanlly helped me, was very kind and helpful. Had a good time just chatting about the local area and such. Good people, good bank, excellent service!! It’s hard to ask for more. Thank you for the great experience! It’s refreshing to know that customer service still exists.
Nash Williams Avatar
Nash Williams
Such an awesome place to do business. Fast, efficient and above all… Friendly!! We have not met one person employed there that did not treat us as their most valued customer!
John Meyers Avatar
John Meyers
Ashley and Anna Jean are the sweetest. Always very helpful and polite, well really all the girls are very helpful and sweet.
Shaun Boles Avatar
Shaun Boles
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bank because. 1. when I walked into the bank, the first thing I saw was deposit slips. I was (and still am) SO HAPPY to see that. 2.The people who work there are soooooo nice, kind and very helpful. 3.The layout of the bank is very NICE as well.
Shewolf Alpha4444 Avatar
Shewolf Alpha4444
They are really nice.
Spencer Langford Avatar
Spencer Langford
First Freedom Bank and Donna Elrod SAVED THE DAY! We were at the end of a real estate purchase when our nationally known lender began to slow-roll the close. We contacted Donna on the recommendation of a local realtor. Donna pulled together a plan of action and got our loan approved and ready to close on time! The whole team is friendly and solution minded. I’d give more stars if possible. Thank you Donna!
Teddi Faille Avatar
Teddi Faille
Very kind and helpful, lovely crew!
Elizabeth Dewar Avatar
Elizabeth Dewar
Fantastic service and management.
David Banks Avatar
David Banks
Excellent customer service.
Michael Calvin Avatar
Michael Calvin
Visited First Freedom Bank at 2008 Providence Parkway, Mount Juliet, TN on 04/11/2024 to open a new account. From the moment we walked in, Meagan Roberts made us feel valued. My husband and I were very impressed with her friendliness and her proficient work. Also, Office Manager, Denise Bingham, came over to assist Meagan and introduced herself. Both Meagan and Denise made this experience very pleasurable. To be honest, every staff member in the bank was super friendly and seemed like they enjoyed what they were doing. It was very refreshing. We visited another bank down the road before going to First Freedom and had left feeling very empty. Glad we went to First Freedom.
Michele Hudson Avatar
Michele Hudson
Sara Beth always takes care of my banking needs! Anytime I have a problem, I’m calling her to have her fix it! She is always professional, proficient, friendly, and straight forward. She will not steer you in the wrong direction.
rebecca kinnaird Avatar
rebecca kinnaird